About us ...

The A.P.U. links management consulting together with process oriented training and offers you different and innovative ways to solve problems. Through competent guidance, we assist you in your current projects - from making a concept, to transferring it into reality and evaluating its success.

We combine

pfeil.gif (984 Byte) counseling techniques with training and special interventions
pfeil.gif (984 Byte) traditional with the newest methods
pfeil.gif (984 Byte) craftsman«s tools with artist«s tools
pfeil.gif (984 Byte) operational with process oriented procedures

We improve the productivity on all levels. You can only achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness by increasing quality throughout the hierarchy, by being team oriented, through mastering leadership and counseling behaviour as well as optimizing business structures and processes.

We have extensive experience in developing individuals, teams and organizations and work with more than 30 consultants and trainers from Germany and other countries.

We work with all levels in small-, medium- and large-size companies. We are engaged in scientific research and instruction at several universities including the University of Hamburg, Innsbruck (Austria), Kaiserslautern, Mannheim and München.

We publish our work periodically in books, articles and as a video-training programme. Our most current work includes:

Dr. Wolfgang Stürzl: Lean Production in der Praxis. Paderborn 1992. 3. Auflage. (Lean Production at Work. Paderborn 1992. 3rd edition.)
Dr. Wolfgang Stürzl: Business Reengineering in der Praxis. Paderborn 1996. (Business Reengineering at Work. Paderborn 1996.)

(please note, these have not yet been translated)

References upon request.